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Take Lessons

  • Piano++ offers everyone an easy and affordable way to improve their skills with help from a growing list of tutors.
  • Avoid paying upfront and committing for multiple weeks, or months. Pay per minute and choose the topics or songs you want to cover ahead of time.
  • Video chat with your tutor, and you have the option to connect a MIDI keyboard to the computer so the tutor can exactly which notes you're playing (or vice versa).
  • View all online tutors currently available and request lessons from one in particular, or let us choose

Become a piano tutor

  • Existing tutors can supplement their already-busy schedules by finding people interested in on-demand lessons.
  • Post links on your profile to your musical portfolio, be it a band or YouTube channel, to help build your brand and give more reasons for students to choose you.
  • No need to worry about scheduling or payment logistics - we take care of that so you can focus on actually playing and teaching.
  • Set your availability so students know the best times to reach you.


  • Students set a maximum price per minute they are willing to pay, and we will efficiently match them with the best tutors available, checking in order from the least expensive to those at the student's maximum price.
  • Cancel within the couple of minutes at no charge in case you and your tutor don't get along well.
  • Tutors can accrue income and request a payment through PayPal after earnings exceed $50
  • Once students enter credit card or PayPal info, they can choose to pay automatically after each lesson, or upload a balance ahead of time to avoid avoid charges.

Our services offered include mentorship for competitions, adjudications, performances, or even for personal purposes!

We offer interactive MIDI keyboard analysis, saving keystrokes so you can view which notes you played correctly or incorrectly afterwards.

Improve Your Skills

With a variety of tutors on the site with all kinds of musical backgrounds, you'll reap the benefits of great mentorship.

Access Efficient Learning

No other online platform offers pay-per-minute piano tutoring. You're in conrol of how you want your lessons, in schedule and duration.

Enjoy a Great Instrument

The piano has been around for centuries and won't be going away anytime soon. Learning how to play for the first time, or going from intermediate to advanced is a great goal.

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